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I await. My shadow brings them fear. Fudjin_Hao, black wind fire and steel(reggae cover by Fudjin_hao).

My kingdom lies within, the mystic soul and lion's heart. Steel is on my side. Where my black horse rides. Pounded by the hammers, of the giants of the world. Black Wind always follows. Brought by the talisman, the ecstasy of battle takes. Immortal youth was granted me, i will never die. The mystic soul and lions heart.

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The spikes upon my chariot, will grind them when they're near. I am an outcast, on the path of no return. Full moon's light is calling. Manowar, black Wind, Fire And Steel (Fighting the World1987). SortierungNeueste zuerstNeueste zuletztÜberschrift.ZÜberschrift.AKommentare.1Kommentare.10Alle MonateNovember, 2017April, 2017März, 2017Februar, 2017Januar, 2017November, 2016Oktober, 2016Mai, 2016April, 2016Februar, 2016Januar, 2016Oktober, 2015September, 2015August, 2015Juli, 2015Juni, 2015Mai, 2015April, 2015Februar, 2014Alle KategorienShop BlogAnzahl pro Seite1025100.

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