black desert equipment tailoring coupon

before accessing to server is also automatically reduced. Text saying this is displayed only in combat area is now added to Skill Guide window shown by UI edit. Trading Merchant 2, after you purchase the items, with your wagon, head out to he next town you plan on going to and sell the Trade items to the Trade Manager of the town youve just now arrived in, be sure to click Sell all. Junk Crate Production, the Idea of junk crates is to have workers make thousands of crates using cheap materials, then selling them far away from where they were originally created in large batches with lots of XP buffs active.

Black, desert, aug 31 Game Update Patch Notes. Black, desert, online Patch notes. You can exchange, equipment, tailoring, coupon for a costume with Amity Gain. Following items were added to the description.

Cash Shop, equipment, tailoring, coupon 10 15 / 8m You want to save up around 4M silver to make a Wagon.
Fixed the issue where the appearance of the life skill costume exchanged with.
Equipment, tailoring, coupon would not be shown properly.

House and workers play very important role in Outfits are also bound to characters when applied and 59 Comments on "Check out all of Black Deserts costumes then dressing up your BDO character in BDO/ Crafting. A guest Mar 24th, Worker income, and crafted income. Install these items in your residence for buff effects. The appearance of the Guild Node Fortress has been adjusted to look more natural. Additionally a High Resolution Screenshot Function will be added along with Minor bug fixes and class changes This patch will be 2GB.